Kringle Candle - Pink Grapefruit

9cm h x 8.5cm dia. | white wax | fresh, fruity
This mouth-wateringly realistic fragrance combines grapefruit, lemon, red currant and jasmine with grapefruit flowers. This 240g (8.5oz) candle comes in a coloured glass jar and has a burn time of around 50 hours.

The Kringle philosophy uses all white wax to give the brightest possible burn and they work with the industry's finest perfumers to select robust, realistic fragrances. The use of white wax also means the candles fit in every style of d├ęcor.

Kringle candles are made in the USA. They have an excellent pedigree because the company is headed by Mick Kittredge, son of the original founder of Yankee Candles.